My first blog entry

I did it! I set up a web page all by myself.  Well, I did use Rob Cubbon’s  online course. It was confusing with a lot of jargon I didn’t know. It took me some time, yet I kept reviewing the instructions and figured it out. I’ll savor the satisfaction  when I tell Keith (30) and Denise (28) that their mom set up a website with: a domain, web hosting and WordPress. Booya


It’s not easy to learn something new that is outside of your comfort zone. That’s what this website is going to do by helping you learn to be smart with your money. It’s easy to say–‘be smart with money’, but not so easy to do. Yet I believe everyone can learn to be smart with their money and successfully manage their own finances, savings and monetary goals. If you feel uncomfortable about your personal finances, keep coming back to Money Smarts Learning.

I’m excited to be sharing personal finance ideas that you can implement in your life right away.