About me

Hi, I’m Cyber Hibiscus,  the developer of this website, Money Smarts Learning. My hope is to help people like you make smart money decisions. I have a career in instructional design which helps me create the learning part of this website. Plus I have years of money experience and research that has helped me build my retirement savings to $847,550 and growing.

I am not a financial advisor and I don’t have a financial advisor, yet on this website I plan to explain things that financial advisors talk about in an easy to understand manner. Here you’ll learn things you need to know  to manage your money or better understand your advisor’s advice. I started my wealth building as a divorced single parent with two small children, 5 and 3. Twenty five years later, I’m still single and ready to help others make smart money decisions. I’m 54 years young and plan to live a long time as my grandmothers did.

A little more about me. I am a consultant/contractor of instructional design. I help businesses create training program. My strengths are in creating conversational scripts in engaging e-learning. I like gardening, going green and reduce/recycle/reuse.  I like watching cooking show and cooking. I have a ‘boyfriend’ of 4.5 years. We live 12 minutes apart from each other. This works out well. Ha

Why a website on how to make smart money decisions?  Because  I know what it is like to be facing financial choices and decisions alone. Early on, after trying out a few financial advisors, I decided I needed to learn more about growing wealth, so I taught myself–mostly through the Internet. As my knowledge grew, so did my money. You can do this too–build your wealth with your money smarts. I want to help you have a secure and successful financial future.

My mission is to present money smart ideas and concepts that will help you make good money decisions.