Make 2017 a year of change; a year of saving

Change is not easy. With the start of 2017 in a few days we often think about ways to make the next year better. If you want 2017 to be better–you’ll need to make some changes. This makes me think of the Einstein quote, ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.’


Sometimes I catch myself doing things over and over expecting different results especially with my computer. The rub is that in some cases doing it over and over finally does give me some sort of different results, though, not always what I want.

The gist is—in order to get the different results you want, you need to do things differently. But only you can determine what you are willing do differently in 2017.

What am I willing to do?

I want to save more money in 2017. I’m already doing lots of things to keep my expenditures low.  I know that I still spend money unnecessarily. To save more, I’ll need to keep a closer eye on my cash, spending and lifestyle. One of my favorite things to do is shop at the Salvation Army on Saturdays when the color tag of the week is 69 cents. I usually find some really cool things for cheap. Things that are worth $10 or more each. I don’t sell these things, I add them to my already large collection of clothes and ‘stuff’ in my house. My boyfriend thinks it is a bad addiction and I think his checking his cell phone 10x or more an hour is a bad addiction.

I really don’t want to stop going to the Salvation Army on Saturday mornings. What am I willing to change? Here are some ideas: limit spending to $10, limit visits to SA or stop going to SA cold turkey. When I think of not going to SA at all–I think, ‘I don’t want to stop going’. You might think the same thing about one of your indulgences. So cold turkey is out. What I can do is, agree with myself that I will only go to SA, every-other Saturday and only spend $10 per visit. That would be 14 items at 69 cents each. This I believe I can do.

Make incremental changes

Don’t over-promise to yourself with New Year resolutions to vaguely make and save more money. Decide what you can do and build on that. Raise your contribution in your 401k and/or savings. If you are saving $100 a month, start saving $125 a month.  Then later in the year, raise your savings a bit more.  You can change, just help yourself along, start doing things differently and ease yourself into money smart habits. It’s okay to take baby steps, just be sure to start taking any step. So many folks don’t save anything because they don’t think $10 matters. It does matter because it is a start.  Half of the effort is starting.