Start where you are # 5-8

#5 Sell your house or car if you bought too much house or car. Sounds drastic, I know. Do you have trouble paying your monthly bills? Are you drowning with a big house or car payment? Maybe you bit off more than you can pay for, or maybe you lost some of your income? Get a smaller house or rent. Drive an economical car for years. These actions are not necessary for everyone. Look at your financial situation and decide if it’s a good move for you downsize your house or car in order to start living below your means. If you have some other expenditure that is dragging down your ability to get out of debt or save for retirement–get rid of it. Things such as boats and vacation homes are examples of things that may be keeping you down.

#6 Get an education and into a money making career. If you are in a low paying career, make a plan to improve your income potential. This will often include getting more education. Find a vocation that taps into your strengths and passion–and pays well. Education is an investment in your future.

Ten years after my undergrad degree in Communication Studies, I went back to NIU and got a MsED in Instructional Technology–the smartest thing I ever did. Having this degree opened up the Instructional Design field for me. I have been a self-employed instructional designer for nearly 20 years. This career taps into my strengths and passion for learning and teaching.

#7 Take care of your health. Get enough sleep. Eat healthy foods. Get some exercise. Take your medications. Be in top working order so you can tackle your goals with energy.

#8 Start a side hustle. Get off the phone and get busy. There are two ways to get the money to save: spend less or make more.  Being frugal is how you spend less and a side hustle is how to make more money. If you are motivated to get out of debt or build your wealth you need to be working more than your full-time job. Most anything you can do can be a side hustle. Here are 99 side hustle business ideas you can start today.

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